Fitted Turtleneck Shirt (CLEARANCE)

$ 1.99 $ 11.45

This classic solid fitted turtleneck shirt is a great layering piece to wear under a jacket or open cardigan for style and warmth.


  • 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
  • Full lining inside / Snap buttons on sleeves / Front zip up pockets / WJC224 / WJC298: Front buckle on bottom hem for style
  • WJC298: Detachable button faux fur collar / Hidden zip up with snap buttons
  • WJC224: Sizing: Small- Length: 23.5in Chest: 14in Sleeve: 21.5in Shoulder: 15in / Medium- Length: 23.8in Chest: 14.9in Sleeve: 21.7in Shoulder: 15.3in / Large- Length: 24.1in Chest: 15.8in Sleeve: 21.9in Shoulder: 15.6in
  • WJC298: Small- Length: 20in Chest: 33in Sleeve: 24in Shoulder: 14.5in / Medium- Length: 20.3in Chest: 33.9in Sleeve: 24.2in Shoulder: 14.8in / Large- Length: 20.6in Chest: 34.8in Sleeve: 24.4in Shoulder: 15in
  • EASY CARE: Machine wash in gentle or delicate cycle only. Hand wash for best results

Sizing Info

  • Small- Length: 25in Bust: 28in Sleeve: 16in Shoulder: 12in
  • Medium- Length: 25.3in Bust: 28.9in Sleeve: 16.2in Shoulder: 12.3in
  • Large- Length: 25.6in Bust: 29.8in Sleeve: 16.4in Shoulder: 12.6in