Leopard Open Front Blazer

$ 27.45

Leopard Open Front Blazer

This leopard print blazer is an essential to any outfit. A softly draped open-front silhouette softens the look while the asymmetrical hem adds a modern touch to this blazer. Perfect for any occasion.


Sleeve length: Long

Closure: Open front

Fit: Relaxed

Hem: Straight

Length finishes: Slightly above hip

Pockets: None

Cutout back for style

Zipper collar detailed

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester

EASY CARE: Machine wash in gentle or delicate cycle only. Hand wash for best results


    CASUAL OR TRENDY: A timelessly sophisticated blazer with a little more length, collarless neckline and flattering fit, all done in our ultra soft fabric.

    EXTREMELY SOFT: This blazer jacket is super soft compared to other rough material. Provides the ultra comfort without compromising on quality or style.