Living Dolls

Check out these provocative photos of Barbie and Ken taking on the human form. What drives an obsession to attain the impossible proportions of our favorite childhood toys? Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Valeria Lukyanova Photo Credit: GQ Photo Credit: Facebook/Valeria Lukyanova Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova Photo Credit: Facebook Justin Jedlica Photo Credit: Life and...

Crop Tops Through the Ages

Examine the evolution of the crop top throughout the twentieth century.                                                                 1920’s Pin-Up Models                             ...

  • June 24, 2014

MILAN Fashion Week 2014: Off the Runway and Onto the Streets

 Take a glimpse at some of this summer's fashion trends in Milan. a b c d e f g h

  • April 23, 2014

Remember How Dapper Yves Saint Laurent Was?

On August 1, 1936, a man who would set the standard for sophisticated women's fashion was born. Yves Saint Laurent is perhaps best known for making menswear-inspired clothing that still exuded a strong femininity. His infamous "le smoking" tuxedo suits, jackets and trousers altered our perceptions of what makes a woman a woman. Even today, strong-willed stars like Jessica Chastain...